Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free verse poem

What to do when you are stuck in an embarrassing situation (sort of how to poem)

Imagine yourself stuck in a bad situation,
What would you do?
Do you cry?
Do you run?
Act like things are normal
Nervous or
Be cool
Don't shake, or
You'll be doomed
Pretend that no one
Is actually there
(But they are)
Change the topic or
Remake stories,
Will you make them 
Interesting or daunting
Face blushes
Slowly walks off or 
Stay strong
Forget about it, brush it off
And everything will be fine

By Justin & Maddie(Madeleine)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I knew there was something funny about that beach,the minute I set foot onto it . Eddie and I were  surprised that not one person was at the beach besides us. Eddy called me Lilly when I was born so thats what my parents named me.

As the water got colder and colder a noise got louder and louder and at this time Eddie could not bear, he ran into the water to see where his stones was landing. The smell of mold was unbearable but I went for Eddie anyway. The shock on Eddie's face was scary. I have to be careful.

It was 12.00am on my watch but over here it is 9.00pm. This was different. I see a sign saying “1950’s brand new oven made by me Jarrod Williamson, the best creator in the world! I went closer to read the sign still amazed to be here.

Slowly a black silhouette crept up from behind,”Hello children want to buy an oven?”,He said in a creepy voice still afraid I heard Eddie say run so a ran,ran for my life.As he steadily followed us a great thump came from behind. The Police was onto us, without knowing where we were we hid in garbage looking around for a better solution.

I see a door that was identical to the door we  we came in so I ran ran like my life depended on it.I opened it in a hurry making sure that I closed it in time to lock them out.I opened the door looking at my a hurry I looked at the hands of the clock spin,I knew I was back home

From Madeleine Alosio

   Lest We Forget
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A mother is heartbroken to see her son be free
                             but as a mothers job they shall not sit to have some tea ,
                                                          Lest We Forget
                                         Water flows to move a boat but                                  
                                       your fight did not only bank a note
                                                      Lest We Forget

                                             A red poppy symbols your strength
                                      even having to hold a gun arms length
                                                           Lest We Forget                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                      Through summer to winter we will remember
                                              those who were crew members.
                                                          Lest We Forget

                                         By Madeleine Alosio



Uninvited Guest

I see what I want but is it what I need? That was the question I kept asking myself. I knew the rules but I didn’t play by them.It’s in hands reach but not for long.A movement appeared but should I do something? The thunder was loud but not loud enough to hide my joy.I went for it.than me but it is my only option.

The broken air-con made me queasy,a leaking feeling grew in my chest.In my ear a slight whisper made a shiver down my spine. Trying to hide was pointless so I  hid my little jewl in nothing but my jacket.He is here.

The ghost inside me grew louder and louder until I could understand what it was saying. ‘Run,Hide,Live’. There is nothing to hide behind but he is coming,he is coming for me.I decided to attempt to fit myself through a door three time smaller
Leftover pizza was smelt in the basement,for some reason it feels like someone's been living here or been waiting here. While still trying to fit in this pocket size door. A creak had come from the door.I had no time to hide it was time,it was time to face him.

with a sudden mumble came from through this door,”hmmm,”,i didn’t understand this sound at first until it began to say it clearer and clearer.I little feeling of a ghost came to me knowing that he was still there.he left in a hurry in a  pleasing   state.I was safe.

By Madeleine

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Swimming Sports 2015

Kia Ora guys, I just came back from swimming sports and it was shamazing! I had came 1st in freestyle, 1st in backstroke and 1st in butterfly it was phenomenal. We also had an awesome running race in the water. I had come second out of about 25 peps. Have a great kiwi day!

#MADD Alosio

Thursday, February 12, 2015

About me 2015

Kia Ora cuzzies I'm Madeleine I'm a year 7 and looking forward to Tech this year.I have 2 annoying brothers and also a very silly young sister who is the fussiest eater in the world. I'm also born in October the 26th which is my favorite day .I have awesome friends that are very nice to me.thanks everyone. Chur madeleine

Sunday, November 2, 2014

production recount

Carefully and slowly I lined my eyes  and my lips with violet liner as it was time to go on stage. This was the last time to put my lipstick on. Slowly the audience was  going quieter,  the show begun . Emerging  on stage people looking closely at our costumes.

The emotions were running wild through my body. There were mixed emotion in my head at once. Realising everybody was waving it frightened me a lot more than I expected. Mr Smith's voice booms across hosanna church loudly. After Mr Smith spoke the lights went  down like crystals . The sounds coming from the production clips lasted  for second before the actors came on stage.

My hands started to tremble this was not good. The actors did not sound scared at all neither did my friends,I was though. silence came upon the audience when the talking had begun. The sounds went down when the lights turned off. Shadows were made on the stage before the dancer made a move. A mixture of sounds had begun while stomping sounds were made. The church was now soundless . As the sound  started to stop,the clapping began. As the production finished i smiled in glee. It was an amazing experience.